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HVRMNNSN tote is inspired by the nordic nature. The light. The air. The pure timelessness. The luxury bag is a modern expression of Scandinavian design. With its clean lines and bespoke quality it will make a statement wherever you take it. With the HVRMNNSN you get a statement bag that will follow you through life and can contain your life too. The bright leather will quickly develop a unique patina created by you.




HVRMNNSN believe in sustainable fashion. The luxury HVRMNNSN tote is hand made by Tärnsjö Garveri, a family run Swedish tannery. It’s long traditions honour the environment by using organic, locally sourced leather of the very best quality from Swedish farms. The leather is traceable back to the farmer. The leather is vegetable tanned at one of the few tanneries in the world who specialise in this method. In addition to being organic, this process preserves the high quality of the leather and makes it look more alive.




The HVRMNNSN leather is controlled and certified as100 % organic. The HVRMNNSN leather is also tested and certified to be free from harmful substances. The family run Swedish tannery Tärnsjö Garveri that produces the leather in the HVRMNNSN, is amongst the 5 % of the tanneries in the world who still use this vegetable tanning and natural processes. The focus on the environment is weighted by the fact that all the selected leathers are bi-products of the local meat industry.


Vegetable tanned leather is the only process that produces leather of the highest quality and is sustainable and considerate of the environment.


Leather that goes through this tanning process has a quality and beautiful look that compares to no other. The unique patina develops over time and use, and cannot be produced in any other way. For HVRMNNSN it is therefore the obvious choice of leather for our exclusive HVRMNNSN tote.

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