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  • HVRMNNSN luxury tote is a sustainable fashion statement - made from certified organic, vegetable tanned leather from Swedish hides. The leather is local and traceable.


    HVRMNNSN tote is a Scandinavian luxury tote - designed in Norway and handmade in Sweden by skilled artisans. Inspired by the Nordic nature. The light. The air. The pure timelessness.


    The HVRMNNSN luxury bag is a modern expression of Scandinavian design. With its clean lines and bespoke quality, it will make a statement wherever you take it.


    With the HVRMNNSN tote you get a statement bag that will follow you through life - and can contain your life too.


    The bright leather will immediately develop an unique patina created by you, and your use of the tote.



    51 cm height, 43 cm width, 20 cm depth

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